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Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Understanding and monitoring the ever changing provisions of this new law is part of our pledge to you. Key aspects of the law:

Individual coverage Expand access to insurance coverage through subsidies to individuals meeting certain income guidelines.

Small organizations/groups (under 50 full time equivalents) are not required to offer coverage but underwriting standards change significantly so younger and more male companies will pay more under ACA and older more female groups will pay less. No more health condition underwriting and no preexisting conditions mean healthier groups will pay more and unhealthier groups will pay less.

Medium organizations/groups (between 50 and 100 full time equivalents) provision for penalties for not offering coverage is in effect for 2016. Underwriting changes which apply to small groups will not apply to medium groups in North Carolina. 

Large organization/groups (over 100 full time equivalents) penalties apply in 2015 to be paid in 2016 if a large group fails to offer minimum essential coverage that is minimum value and affordable.

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