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Annual Review

Financial Directions will contact you to schedule a review of your current plan, annually. Retirement Plan reviews can be as-of the anniversary of the plan’s inception, year-end, or other suitable period.

Retirement Plan Reviews

Financial Directions will review with you plan design features and benefits, will provide services and upgrade assistance.  We will provide investment portfolio review and due diligence information to help with your fiduciary oversight compliance.

We help you select the appropriate array of investment choices for your employees to be able to construct an appropriate allocation for their needs. We monitor the marketplace and have tools in place to alert us to changes that could have an impact on your investment selections.  We help you identify your fiduciary oversight obligations and help provide you the means to fulfill those obligations.

For every benefit plan, we evaluate it to determine if a change is warranted.  We will work with you to implement and communicate the changes to your employees.  We participate in employee meetings to introduce the changes, provide transition information, and act as a resource to get benefit questions answered. If necessary, we will re-enroll your group helping you comply with HIPAA and ERISA requirements.

We view our role in your employee benefits as a partner. We are on the same side of the table as you and will work to create the best plan for you and your employees.


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