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At Financial Directions Group, we work closely with each client.  Our main responsibilities include not only helping manage our client’s portfolios but also helping manage all other aspects of our client relationship.  When establishing a new portfolio and throughout the process, great care is taken to explain the potential risks and returns of various investments.  The result of our close personal contact has created a tradition of long-lasting client relationships.  As professionals, we regard the single most important item of consideration the responsibility of preserving the confidentiality of all client matters. Our overriding priciple, which guides all of our actions, is our responsibility to the client and our true objectivity.  Our interaction with our clients reflect our honesty and concern for each of their interests, not ours.

As Financial Directions believes that communication is a vital part of maintaining those relationships. We make sure our clients are kept informed of any changes to their portfolios and their current positioning through regular statements from the appropriate companies. 

  • Monthly statements from mutual fund companies or quarterly statements from First Allied Securities (for separately managed accounts) which detail current and prior account balances, portfolio transactions, and income generated. Mutual fund clients also receive directly from Pershing prompt confirmations of all trades we execute on their behalf.

  • Quarterly reports that are more detailed than monthly statements and cover your investments as well as asset allocation and performance are mailed to your home.

  • Financial Directions publishes a quarterly newsletter to keep you abreast of significant financial planning and investment issues that affect you. This newsletter offers financial planning and investment insights and other important topics that affect your financial plan.

  • Financial Directions also sends periodic email newsletters on timely investment news.

In addition to these regular mailings, Investment Advisor Representatives of First Allied Securities, Inc. are available to answer your questions whenever a situation arises. We will take the time to discuss your concerns and review your investments and how they fit into your financial plan. The Financial Directions team values our relationship with each client.