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Financial Planning

Financial Directions provides you and your family with a suite of financial services. Our financial planning clients consist of a diverse group of clients at all stages of life.

Our professionals work as a team to provide individuals and families with financial planning services. Our financial planning is driven by each client’s individual goals. We offer the following financial planning services:

Retirement planning (including visions for lifestyles during Third Act (aka Retirement)

We create a financial plan specific to your needs and then help you implement agreed-upon recommendations. We provide ongoing review of investments portfolios in light of your goals and your risk profile. Our innovative, customized financial advisory service integrates your financial planning and investment advisory needs into one coordinated program.

Our integrated approach offers our clients “one stop shopping” for financial advisory services: we start with personal financial planning and then implement customized plans through the portfolio supervision of our investment and insurance advisory service.

The Financial Directions financial planning process involves an analysis of your current financial situation, goal setting for the future, and then, the presentation of our findings and recommendations. Once your financial plan has been developed, we develop an implementation schedule that we will work with you to accomplish your goals. Additionally, we assist with the time when you start pulling money out of your investments to be sure tax appropriate.


Our fees are based on our estimate of time involves, complexity of your financial situation and specific planning service areas you would like addressed.

We maintain long-term relationships with our clients and keep you aware of important information you need to know about your financial future.

We work to make a difference in your life!