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Once you have found the plan design that meets your company’s needs, the next step is implementing the new plan or specific plan changes. This one of the most critical phases of the benefit planning process. The best-designed benefit plan will not produce results if it is not communicated and implemented properly. 

To ensure a smooth implementation of your benefit plan, Financial Directions assesses potential administrative implications and helps you prepare for them.  We prepare and coordinate an implementation schedule, review the impact on internal systems and administration procedures, and assist in the development of appropriate processes and procedures.

As part of the implementation process, Financial Directions will work with you to make enrollment go smoothly and on schedule. This includes assisting you in:

  • coordinating any blackout period if necessary
  • developing the enrollment strategy
  • preparing the enrollment meeting presentation
  • creating enrollment kits
  • scheduling speakers for the enrollment meeting
  • conducting the enrollment meeting if necessary

If you have a need for Spanish enrollment meetings or forms, we can work to provide that service as well.

In addition to the enrollment meeting, we will provide a benefit summary to reinforce your benefits with existing employees and to assist you in recruiting new employees. 

Financial Directions will also assist with the implementation of your program throughout the application process and verify the paperwork for completeness. As the enrollment progresses we will work to get all of your employees enrolled in a timely matter by:

  • following-up on all missing paperwork/check
  • reviewing forms for completeness prior to submission to the carrier
  • reviewing insurance administrative and benefit certificates
  • reviewing plan documents
  • preparing termination letters for carriers (if applicable)
  • requesting your employees’ ID cards (if applicable)

Financial Directions knows that the enrollment meetings process is very critical to building employee satisfaction. We also are aware that it is critical to maintain open communication with your employees.  Our knowledge of your needs allows us to work with you to keep those lines of communication open.

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