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Investment Advisory Process

Investment Advisory and Financial Planning Services are offered through First Allied Securities, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory firm.

Once a financial plan has been established, we work to implement an investment strategy specific to your needs.

The Interview step of the Investment Advisory process is typically done in conjunction with the Financial Planning Process to ensure that we can assist you in meeting your goals.

Once the Financial Plan is in place, we recommend a specific asset allocation, such as the mix between equities, fixed income and cash equivalents, as well as an allocation between domestic and foreign securities.  Investment time horizon, income and liquidity requirements, prior investment experiences, tax considerations, and tolerance for risk are all factors that help us build the framework for your portfolio.  We use this information as our guide in developing the asset allocation strategy and in selecting what securities will make up your portfolio. 

Next, we determine whether your individual situation is best suited for mutual funds, separately managed accounts directed by outside money managers, or a combination of the two.  In either case, our professionals oversee your investment assets to help ensure the overall portfolio remains consistent with your financial plan.  The fees for each client are determined based on their situation.

Mutual Fund Portfolios

Our mutual fund clients’ assets are held at Pershing. For client portfolios, we have a wide variety of mutual funds to select from. 

We have direct access to your holdings and we place trades electronically, once we have reviewed the recommended changes with you and received your approval.

Separately Managed Portfolios

Separately managed portfolios are appropriate for some clients. We evaluate the philosophy, process and performance of investment managers across a wide variety of disciplines and styles, recommending only those who meet our high standards. We help "manage the managers" to help our clients’ meet their objectives. When necessary, we will also recommend leaving managers who deviate from their approach, discipline or benchmark return.

As investment advisor representatives of First Allied Securities, we stay current on industry trends and consider changes affecting client holdings, such as portfolio management changes, style drift, shifts in sector concentration, and other important variables. We speak regularly with the portfolio managers and management of investment companies where our clients’ assets are invested. We take this oversight role seriously and we ask the tough questions.

We oversee each client’s investment portfolio and recommend modifications as needed, taking into account the client’s changing personal and financial circumstances and our analysis of the investments in the portfolio.


The fee structure that your assets will be under will depend on the platform. A fee based on the assets under managagement covers ongoing financial planning and investment advisory services. This structure aligns our incentives with those of our clients. 

Because of the higher minimums generally required for separately managed accounts, clients with smaller investment assets are normally better suited for a portfolio of mutual funds. For these clients, we charge a graduated fee based on the size of the portfolio.  

As a financial planning and investment advisory client of First Allied Securities, we value our relationship with you. We work to keep you informed about your investments and other investment related topics through various communication channels. 

There are no guarantees any investment or strategy will meet its intended objective.

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