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Is Your Wealth Working for You?

Oftentimes, people focus solely on the accumulation of wealth as they prepare for their futures. And while accumulating wealth certainly does help you to reach your goals, it’s only a small piece of proper wealth management and financial planning. At Financial Directions Group, we provide the comprehensive wealth advisory services you need to ensure that every aspect of your future is protected. From financial planning and investment management to estate planning and entrepreneurial services for business owners, we help create a more complete financial picture for your future.

Financial Planning

We can provide you with a complete review and analysis of your current financial situation, as well as helping you create a better financial plan for your future. This includes:

  • Setting financial goals
  • Gathering and organizing facts about your finances, lifestyle, and concerns
  • Developing a custom financial roadmap
  • Setting priorities
  • Implementing your plan
  • Monitoring the plan’s success and updating as needed

Financial Directions Group is a long-term partner for your financial future, and we’ll continue guiding you on your financial journey from start to finish.

Investment Management

Your investments are the tools in the toolbox you use to build your future. Knowing when, where, and how to invest is key to building your wealth, as well as protecting existing assets. We’ll assist with managing your investments by analyzing your portfolio, assessing your risk tolerance, and developing and implementing an ideal investment strategy to meet your needs.

Estate Planning

Proper estate planning is a key component of protecting your future and preserving your legacy. We’ll help you assess what you want to leave to your heirs, and ensure you have adequate insurance coverage for life, health, disability, and long-term care. We’ll offer alternatives to your current estate plan, and assist with implementing any changes you want to make. Above all, we’ll ensure your final wishes are upheld.

Entrepreneurial Services

We serve as your advocate to help you work toward meeting the goals you have set for your business without neglecting your personal goals. We provide business planning services that include helping closely-held business owners develop deductible or leveraged (non-cash) buy/sell arrangements. We also plan for the minimization of the sale of business-related capital gains and assist with Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) evaluations and alternatives

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